Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Store I'm Obsessing Over Today

God knows LA has plenty to choose from in terms of shopping, no matter what your taste or budget.
With so much at your fingertips, sometimes you gotta boil it down. Which means any shop I mention has to have a little extra something if I'm gonna make a point to stop in. In other words, I might not always buy something but I know they'll always have something I like.

Cherry Pick in Los Feliz
Cherry Pick is just that store. It's this sweet little vintage shop located in Los Feliz on Franklin next to the House of Pies parking lot.  It consistently stocks up on some of the finest picked over vintage finds anywhere.

Hot Shoes...

Miu Miu What What?
Jean Shirts...

Lis Claiborne $49
Awesome Sunglasses...

And it's not just stuff you could find yourself. The owner scours the world to find what she puts in her store. Case in point, this frock from gay Paris...

Chiffon Paris Import Tulip Dress $149

God knows where she found this little ditty...

60's Woodstock Patch Babydoll Dress $245
These Pradas are in my size so if you get them, that's fine. Just know you're wearing my shoes...

98 Smackaroos
Hot Mannequin Alert:

It's so much fun being in this store. And the people who work there are very cool. They help you if you want help but they don't follow you around the store asking for your size and junk.

And And And they always have good music on. Me and my good friend here listened to the new Savages record. Yeah that's right. Savages. And I'll tell you something else, I had NO idea who Savages or The Savages are. But now I do. In fact, let me share with you some conversation points in case you encounter a cool person and you want to sound knowledgeable:

  1. they played at The Echo
  2. they're blowing up right now and...
  3. they're from The U.K. 

Because I know, now you know. So we all sound VERY bad-ass. 
I love that.

Edie Hat $35
Cherry Pick is located at 4517 Franklin Boulevard, just west of Vermont. Open mon thru sat, 11-8, sundays 12-7. Street parking available. 

And like I said, it's next to the House of Pies Parking Lot...

If you want some pie, you can kill two birds with one stone. Who doesn't like pie?

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