Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Man Shopping in Silverlake Part 2

Men's Plaid Shirts at Isac Orchids, etc.
There's no problem finding good clothing shops in Silverlake whether you're a man or a woman. In fact it's a great part of town to drop some serious coin - or not so serious if you're careful about it. Which is why I want to tell you about this under the radar store I found called Isac Orchids etc;

Just two blocks up from all the hullabaloo at Sunset and Hyperion and across the street from Millie's, you'll find this man gem...

Comune Green Plaid Shirt $68.00
Always on the quest to find my husband the perfect men's store, I stumbled upon Isac's while traipsing around Silverlake one recent afternoon. Before I go further I must state a very important fact here:

There's FREE PARKING IN THE BACK. Yes, that's right. FREE PARKING!

Okay. Back to what's inside. You got these wonderful Sportique shirts...

100% cotton t's, $32 smackaroos
These colorful thin summer shirts which though new, have that lovely worn feeling. Loved them. Loved loved loved.

Drifter t's $32
Isac also carries XOCHI jeans (pronounced Sochi). They're from a Silverlake designer and retail for $75 but because they're a winter jean, he's selling them right now for $34.50

In addition, he's got these iPad and laptop cases which I think are VERY clever (I've always wanted an opportunity to use the word "clever" like an English person):



Isac told me how some guy bought one of these for his laptop. He left it in his car and his car was broken into and the only thing that wasn't taken was his laptop because it was in a sweatshirt case and just looked like a... sweatshirt.


He carries Alpha Industries from Texas, Comune checked shirts, lamps, little planetariums...

Army Pants from Tennessee...

Army pants $75
And my favorite green shirt which I hope finds a good home.

Tank Farm Green Shirt for $64.00
Isac Orchids etc; is at Sunset & Maltman or as I like to think of it, it's where the graffiti from St. Francis Church of Assisi...

meets Millie's....

Millie's by the way has a decent (though a little pricey) breakfast. Since you'd be saving some cashola at Isac's, so what if you spend 14 bucks on breakfast? Here's a plan: Isac opens on weekdays at 11 and weekends at 10. You can go grab a little breakky:

Maybe sit at the counter...

Look at the signage in the kitchen:

Or sit outside next to this guy. Don't you love good hand tats?

And then go shopping. Or maybe reverse it if you want to feel thin while trying on clothes.

Isac Orchids etc; 3511Sunset Boulevard, LA, CA 90026. Check store for hours.

Millie's is open 7 days a week, 7:30 - 4:00. 3524 Sunset Boulevard, LA, CA 90026.

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