Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Boy Clothes Dripped in Butter Sauce on Vermont

As opposed to being one big city, consider LA as if it's 100 or so neighborhoods all sort of related to each other (though you're hard-pressed to get the relationship between Eagle Rock and Beverly Hills). And in a weird way a neighborhood could even just be a strip -- like a series of blocks all heading north to south.

Vermont in Los Feliz is such a strip.  The good stuff of Vermont is sandwiched between Hollywood Boulevard to the south and Franklin Boulevard to the north.

Or another way to look at is you kind of want to hang right above Hollywood Boulevard where Macho's Taco stand doles out apparently a very decent Mole:

Macho's Tacos (my husband says the mole's the real deal)
And right below Franklin on the north end, which is marked by the historic House of Pies...

As I have said many times, who doesn't like pie?
There's a certain look on Vermont or rather there's a certain look to the east side. It's young, it's free, it's loose, it's comf. And it's about owning your style. Admitting you have one might be first step. And once you admit it - if you're young and a guy - you're going to want to check out Agent asap. 

Upstairs at Agent
Agent (formerly X-Large) is a hip hoppy type store on Vermont down below the Los Feliz 3. I recently popped into Agent when I needed to get my husband a shirt for our anniversary. And though I don't necessarily think my husband or I are really Agent's demographic, I still almost bought some or all of the following.

This t-shirt...

This sweatshirt that seemed really open to anything...

Anything costs $97. That seemed on the high-end of their price point. You heard me. I said Price Point!!!
These nice caps, hats... how are the kids referring to the thing one puts on one's head...???

these alternate modes of transport...

skateboards for 50 bucks
And this shirt, which I think explains a lot...

By the way, you and I know I'm not a young man wearing all that is Delicious and Vinyl, but I like good stuff. And more importantly, here's how I feel about any store I pop into. I'm not going to go back and I'm certainly not going to recommend it if the people who work there aren't nice. All to say, the co-owner was a doll.

Co-Owner on the left, Friend shaking his Hand on the right.  Girl who was pissed about a club thing hanging out outside. **

This shirt has leather patches on the elbows
You seriously should duck your head into this young man-cave. And you don't have to be the exact demographic. The day I popped in? I did in fact find my guy a shirt -- the same guy who doesn't own a bunch of t-shirts that hang down below his thighs. It was $52 bucks and I think he looks pretty fly...what-do-people-SAY-now?

Terry (my husband) in his Agent shirt, flanked by two very attractive ladeez at a houz party in Echo Park

Agent is at 1768 North Vermont Avenue, LA, CA 90027.  Hours are mon - thurs 12-8. fri & sat 12-9. sunday 12-7.

**In other words there was a little drama going on. I heard it all and had NO idea what it was about but it had to do with $10 and getting into a club or something. The guy who worked in the store seemed to have a balanced and fair perspective from what I could make out. 

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