Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Graffiti in Los Angeles - Art is Where You Drive By It

Don't you find graffiti kind of defines a place? LA's graffiti floors me. When I went to see "Gatsby" and saw that billboard of the eyes of God (or Dr. T. J. Eckleburg) looking over everyone I wondered who or what was that for me? The answer is there are many euphemistic and literal eyes in Los Angeles and I drive or walk by them ALL THE TIME. 

The ones you encounter in the flesh, you can't always trust 'em. But you can always trust Trusto.

You do. You really look lovely. 
Obey the law but have some cajones! 
You never know. You might have a hit on your hands.

Would it kill you to read a book once in awhile?
Always be kind to others. 
Being grown up doesn't mean you have to be quiet, boring or pretty. But you gotta leave your house once in awhile.
Your hair is beautiful.
We're all just stars in your movie

Saying "I love you" is big enough. You don't have to buy presents.
Call your doctor.
Look around you. Look on the sidewalk, on the mailbox, on the wall, on the bridge. Lots of messages. But this one, I've dubbed her Ma Echo. You can find her on Sunset driving up the hill in Echo Park towards Downtown. She's the one who seems to really be saying all I need to know on a daily basis.

For Godssakes, zip up your pants.

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