Friday, March 27, 2015

When I Don't Post for Awhile...

So when I don't post for awhile, I'm writing. I think about this site, think about stuff to tell you about (Cacao in Eagle Rock - just found it, am never gonna let it go, Mark Peel's new shack has opened up at Grand Central Market - have to go there and can't believe I haven't yet, and my friend Laurie told me about secret hikes that we will go on) and I sometimes visit and see the pictures I posted and I'm like I gotta post new pictures! I gotta honor the people and businesses I photographed in Silverlake, etc., etc. But the good news about when I'm not on here is I'm writing scripts.

It's not always easy. Writing can be a lonely business (unless you're staffed on a show and maybe even then if you don't like the staff!). I sometimes feel like I'm going nuts. One of the reasons I started this blog was if I had writer's block, I could write something different, factual-oriented, just to break up the monotony. If you're stumped and aren't coming up with the goods, a blog post can be a great palate cleanser. And seriously, just to emerge from the cave known as home and be in the sunshine and take photos and see art and eat good food -- who wouldn't want to do that? I'll tell you who, a depressed writer, staring at a blank screen. So the blog really is a sort of salvation for me. Hopefully it gives people a fun idea of what to do and see in my town and it really gives me a break.

So anyway, I'm on the cusp of getting super precious and I actually think it's really boring to talk about writing in the blog. But I just wanted some sort of an explanation as to why so absent. I love this site so much. It's been a salvation for me. And it isn't going anywhere. Swear!

Please keep visiting - I'm closing in on 30,000 hits! That's a lot for someone like me! And if you have stuff you want me to visit, please get in touch. Would love to hear about it. I am slowly clawing my way back to civilization, the sunshine beckons, the burgers smell delicious and the cave is not as alluring as the beach.