Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Beastie Boys and That Impala

I love Sunday. Especially after such a nice weekend. We went to a wedding last night and got all misty-eyed. We danced to "Fill Me Up Buttercup" and "Rock Around The Clock." I had to take off my shoes for the ride home. Which means I'm a little tired today. Kind of taking it easy. It's all about cooking, cleaning, relaxing - and it's really nice outside. Sort of encouraging my slow-going demeanor. And slow thinking. For one of the recipes, grilled peaches with burrata, I forgot the vinegar. I always forget something. So off to Trader Joe's I went.

It's not uncommon to run across gorgeous cars in LA. It's a great place for an older car because aside from The Rainy Season, the climate is perfect for preservation. The desert is really ideal. Palm Springs always has these Frank Sinatra car moments. But this morning, I was lucky enough to see this piece of art:

The owner could not have been nicer. Told me the story about about how he bought his Impala (I never even asked the year). He said he got it a little while ago. He was single, going through some major life changes and suddenly had a lot of energy and needed to occupy his busy mind. He somehow came across this car, convinced its owner, an older woman, to let him buy it even though she said it was cursed -- she had assumed so because her son had it and had passed away. Once he bought it he went to work restoring it right away. He said it had been in pretty bad condition.

Now this isn't what this man does for a living. He's a handyman and an electrician. But I've concluded if he's as much a perfectionist about wiring and fixing fences as he is this car, he might be worth a call.

I believe he said within a year of getting it, he crossed paths with his high school sweetheart. She was divorced, he still single and they decided to basically pick up where they left off.

They're now married.

I have no idea really if it has anything to do with The Beastie Boys but cars and music, as you know if you've read this blog at all, go together in my mind and today, it's this car and that song. 

I don't know... 



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