Thursday, June 13, 2013

LA's Downtown Art Walk

On the second Thursday of every month, in other words TODAY, is the famed Downtown Art Walk. It starts at noon but I say go at night:

Over 40 galleries participate. Here are just a few that have caught my eye:

Nearby is The Dac Gallery (#24 on the map)

For photog fans check out Studio 4Q (on the alley between Hill and Broadway, off 6th)

And for doodle art fans swing by The Hive Gallery (#23 on the map)

Photo Courtesy of Qathryn Brehm
What map? Behold...  


•On their site is a way to chart your own gallery map but I have to be honest, I've tried to do that and for some weird reason, it isn't working. I must clarify. It isn't working FOR ME because I'm no genius. So if you want to give it a go on their site, CLICK HERE. Maybe you'll tell me what I was doing wrong. If you run into the same problem I did, the good news is there's also an app for the map you can put on your phone. Just download: ART WALK MAP APP. And seriously, you also can just go and pick up a map there, right? Being prepared is so unartish. 

•It starts at noon but it goes til about 10pm and know that different galleries may have different hours. And not all on the map are going to be open.

•Though obviously there are many galleries to visit, and it is spread out, it seems much of of the center hovers around Spring & Main, between 7th & 3rd.

•It's easy enough to take the metro into downtown but if you are driving, there a number of parking lots the organizers recommend. Can't vouch for the price though. I hate parking downtown. Still it's good to know where to go. So just click here for more information: PARKING LOT SUGGESTIONS. Knowing where you're going to park is not unartish. 

If you can take the Metro, it makes a lot of sense. The ease! Click here for Metro info. 

•Regarding food, there are so many restaurants and bars around,  it won't be hard for you to find something delicious to eat and drink. But one of my absolute favorites is Mo-chica on 7th. Unbelievably delicious and reasonably priced. I haven't been in awhile but there's no doubt it's just as Peruvianly tasty as it was the last time. In other words, people like it so prepare for a wait!

I love stuff like this. There is so much to do in this town. You just have to know what's going on, where, and how to get there. 

All to say ENJOY!

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