Friday, May 10, 2013


Graffiti in Silverlake - see, there's always a silver lining
If you come to LA and have any music interest at all, you're at some point or another going to get turned onto (I hate that expression) KCRW. A famous radio station, it's big show in the morning, Morning Becomes Eclectic hosted by Music Director (and good friend of Henry Rollins) Jason Bentley, is on every week day from 9am-12pm. They play a lot of new music and have a live guest on around the 11 o'clock hour. I'm not going to weigh in what I think of MBE, though put it this way, like most everything, some days it does not hit the sweet spot. And in full disclosure, when they started calling it "MBE" - oy vey I thought I was going to stick a nail in someone's tire.

That being said, today I got to give it up to MBE. Good old Jason IS hitting the sweet spot this morning and in a major way. You know I'm so about atmosphere. If it's dark outside I think I might as well throw in the towel, I just can't deal. And frankly I can be in a sour mood even when the sun is shining warm and bright. I'll see it as hitting my eyes and think, would someone PA-LEASE turn that thing down already?

So try and remember that at any moment you change one thing in the delicate balance of your atmosphere and that is when you will truly give yourself the chance of changing your moody mood.

Staring too long at this graffiti in Silverlake might not put you in a good mood.

For me music works like The Jaws of Life and I needed that this a.m. My computer's been crashing, I have this big post I want to put in but I'm afraid I'll crash my computer again because of all the photos and add in that I'm doing this stupid thing about trying to figure out my purpose in life and you know... IT'S A PERFECT STORM

Which now looks like exactly what today is: a sunny, warm day in Los Angeles where I cannot WAIT to get back outside because of the moment I heard this man:

 Marvin Gaye.

If you can play your own music or if you're in your car and you want to risk the good old-fashioned radio, turn it up LOUD. The Jaws of Life can only work if they know they're needed. In other words...


This is the song I heard on (urgh) MBE that turned it all around for me...]

PS: My mom just called laughing her ass off reading my Mother's Day card and truth be told, that can do it, too.

This is almost how I feel now. I still have to wash my face.
Have a great day, Los Angeles!

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