Thursday, August 15, 2013

A Mixed Tape of Sorts

Okay, so when I was growing up we did this thing. We would put together, with very careful love, timing, thoughtfulness and attention, mixed-tapes. Are they mixed or mix? Ah, I'm sure that's answered 1000 times online. And I don't really care.

I called them Mixed Tapes. And actually I didn't have a hyphen. [discuss in the Comments Section but let's move on...] And back in the day, a mixed tape seemed to be, I don't know, just about the most kind, loving and generous gift you could give a friend. When my husband and I first started dating, I remember he gave me a cd with songs he thought I'd like, great songs, stuff I wasn't familiar with and it helped me to get to know him better. I gave him one as well. It was, I guess, a sort of mating ritual. And while we were way past the days when our very lives depended on the value of the mix being appreciated, accepted and admired it was saying something that we wanted to be known and understood by each other in this particular way. We liked one other enough to be vulnerable with music, show off with music, share our music. It was our way of saying, I like you and I want you to get to know me better. And I hope you still think I'm cool after listening to this. Hey maybe even cooler. At the very least, a little more attractive. That would be awesome.

With this blog you know how much I love music. I often tell you what music was playing when I saw something I loved in LA or how hearing a particular song on the radio while driving had a positive effect on my mood [effect/affect -- discuss]. You're in your car SO much in LA and I believe the music you have on hand is EVERYTHING. If you don't have good music it's just -- well, it's deadly.

By the way I have a friend who doesn't listen to ANYTHING when she's in her car and I think I would die.

Anyway, I found a site where I could put many of the songs I've thus far recommended on an online version of a mixed tape. For you. For when you're doing stuff at home or ideally for when you're in your car. In LA. As God intended.

I know there are some omissions. Opine LA's First Car Music Mix is not perfect. Not like The Hastings Tape from when I was in high school. One of my childhood best friends and I would listen to it driving from our hometown to New York City on the nights we'd sneak into clubs (and I'd tell my parents we were just staying at her house and watching movies). I barely remember anything on that mix except for "Low Spark of High Heeled Boys." That's because we knew the tape so well, the timing of it and everything, that if we pressed Play at exactly the right time, there'd be a few songs preceding it but the second we got onto the West Side Highway, that song would start it's quiet, building intriguing notes.

Anyway, this is a compilation of what's been posted up until now. I hope it works and I hope you download the music to play in your car. Damn, I hope you like it. And if you think I'm a little cooler and slightly more attractive after listening to it, that's okay, too. [two o's in that too. I know that for certain].


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