Thursday, August 8, 2013

Homey Stuff for Hip People: Clover and some other cool places on Rowena

LA works in strips or blocks. If there are at least 3 decent things to see, do or visit on a block, I will go back. One of those blocks, despite the city's best efforts to make everyone stay far away, is the section of Silverlake on Rowena between Fletcher and Hyperion.

The city seems to always be doing some construction on at least one little stretch of this area if not more than a little stretch. Meaning there's traffic. There! I said it. Traffic.

And yet... if you're parking and walking around, who the hell cares?

Because there is good reason to park

My favorite thing in Clover: Cast Iron Dog Coat Hooks. On sale for $16.
Owned by an adorable couple with impeccable taste (Nicole & Danny), what really stands out about Clover is it has some of the most unique, tasteful and wonderful home furnishings, decor, knick knacks and tchotchkes in the city**. Whatever you find here not only serves as great gifts for others but also really nice treats for your very fine self.  I kind of think of it as high-endy type stuff for low-endy type pocketbook owners like myself.

Michael Revil Madjus Deer Mugs.
Above: Rustic, modern designs by Michael Revil Madjus,just $20 per mug.

Adorable little earrings. No brainer gift op.
This is why I always end up at this place. They have this array of cute little earrings that are usually just about 12 to 14 bucks and I always wear them and someone always notices. They're good staple earrings.

Eyeglasses Porn.
My uncle always does this. He buys glasses at CVS or wherever that hopefully fits his prescription. I find this to be totally insane. I would never do this. That being said, these glasses are super cute and pretty inexpensive. They range from the late teens to about 35 bucks.

Birdie Man Plates by Donna Wilson. $37.

I think these are so cute! Makes me want to hug a plate. And as you can see, they also seem to like cakes here. In fact, much that you'll see is homey, fun, cute-- ergo good wedding gift choices. And good buys for domesticats who like to entertain.

$8 per spoon. Talisman Designs.
The book, the spoon and the not pictured vintage-inspired aprons... all combine to make a nice trio of goodies that go together. Perfect for the hip and happening cook; gay, straight, male, female. If I left anyone out, I'm sorry.

Luscious and rich colors for the kitchen. Reminds me of California's Mexican roots. Each cup is 11 bucks and the vase is $45.

Below are these snazzy purses. I call them Barbie Purses.

I had a long, lovely conversation this past weekend where I bonded with a woman over our love for perfumes and the blessings and deficits our having sensitive shnozzes...

Tokyo Milk Perfumes. $33 a bottle. 
These perfumes (pictured above) are great buys and they're awesome. My favorite is Kabuki, Number 9. 33 buckaroos.

Clover's sort of this rockin little find, you know? But like I said, I go back if there are at least 3 things about a stretch I like. So let me continue...

If you walk a little ways west down the same side of the street, set back from the sidewalk you'll find the ever so lovely and peaceful Raven Spa.
Heaven awaits at The Raven Spa, Silverlake
It's been FOREVER since I've gone but seriously if you have a little coin to splurge, DO IT. You walk in and it's like walking into another country. The sidewalk seems SO far away.
Zoning out seems not to be optional
Nikom is my favorite masseuse here - he is amazing. And yet I have a feeling whomever you choose, you won't be disappointed. Pure bliss.

And just a little further down (closer to Hyperion) is a new-ish cafe. I think it's been there for about 2 1/2 years now. The Broome Street General Store. Very cute. They have little gifts and such as well. A bit of a higher price point but really nice stuff. And yet all I care about is...

And these little hand-made pies. YUM.

Rowena is a full little shopping/self-care/nourishment stretch. Slightly annoying due to the 100 year long street construction, but so worth it. I think/bet/hope they're almost done with all that mishegoss soon but in the meantime, there's good reason to park it and hang out.

Clover is located at 2756 Rowena Avenue, LA, CA 90039. Their hours are Mon-Sat, 10-7. Sundays they're open 12-6. There's free parking available behind the store. And by the way: While I didn't make a big deal of it, there are very nice clothes for both men and women at Clover. This includes a very complete and nice array of high-end style jeans from makers like Paige and Citizens for Humanity. You can pick up a pair of sweats there too, which I often do, for under 20 bucks.

The Raven is located at 2910 Rowena Avenue, LA, CA 90039. Their hours are Daily from 10-9. Call 323-644-0240 to make an appointment. Walk-ins are welcome but they can't guarantee an opening. Traditional Thai Massages start at $70. The Custom, where you sort of design your massage with your therapist, is $100 for 1 hour. And the Rock Star is $185 for 2 hours and combines a whole slew of services. It's a real nice treat. There's metered parking available on Rowena.

Broome Street General Store is located at 2912 Rowena Avenue, LA, CA 90039. Check their website for hours, as it changes between Summer and Winter. There is outdoor seating.


**I'm embarrassed to write the words knick knacks and tchotchkes. I feel so strange and conservative and like if you didn't know me, you'd think I was always walking around with a bun and sensible heels. But I did it because that's what those things are and they're the right words.


  1. Fantastic as always CGD...need to add that there is a fantastic salon smack dab between Clover and The Raven/Broome st...The Establishment guy is Jim Palmer but they are all excellent

    1. PG: As you know, I'm probably going to cheat on my hair salon and check it out. I'll report back!

  2. Great list. I would only correct that Tierra Mia isn't exclusively Mexican (their pastries included), it is fairly pan-Latin.

  3. Rodlopez915, I thought their coffee beans were all Latin American. Is that not true? As for their pastries, I know you're right. I thought I wrote it in a way that conveyed that. It seems maybe I hadn't.:) Although I must say, even the very thin light sugary top of the plain croissant - it's just a flavor you can't feel the sugar but I know they mix it with a little water and sprinkle it on - feels Mexican to me. Do you know what I mean? Have you had that? Either which way, I hope I hadn't mislead the readers and I'm glad you wrote in and said something. Oh, finally is Latin American out and pan-Latin in? I like it. I'm serious. It sounds great.

  4. p.s. for anyone reading these Tierra Mia comments, they're referring to the post entitled "Slow Down and Drink Your Coffee: 2 Cafes I Love."