Monday, August 26, 2013

I was in the midst of writing a new post when I saw this

The thing about LA is there are a lot of very talented people in our town. Not everyone gets to do the thing they want to do on a global scale but it doesn't make them any less talented. In fact many times they blow your mind with their talent. They just need the right opportunity. And you need to either be there to see it or get some bad phone version of it.

This happened Friday night at the Hollywood Bowl. My friend George just told me about it. I guess it's going viral. A voice teacher was in the audience at a Kristen Chenowith concert when she volunteered to come up on stage and sing a duet with Kristen. It's a part of the show that they ask for a volunteer to sing with Kristen but she's not a plant.

Now I don't know Kristen at all (except I do seem to recall seeing her on an awards show where I thought she was funny and talented). That being said, I love her now and am a huge fan, as I am of this woman, Sarah Horn.


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