Monday, September 2, 2013

Galco's: The Best Soda Store Ever

Bold words in this post's title. And I'm sure I don't know every soda store in LA. But I do know this place is fun. It's cute. It's got charisma. It plays music from the 50's, 60's and 70's. And most importantly, it offers over 400 different sodas.

Did you know it was spelled like that? I totally thought it was Sasparilla.
Some people say it's over 500. Some say it's over 1000. Really, once you're over 250, is it really worth a debate?

At first when you walk in, it almost looks like a warehouse...

But then you turn to the left and you know, the Back in Time sensation begins. This is like where Richie Cunningham went to get his toy planes before he met The Fonz.

I mean come on! This stuff is great. And it gets a little greater. Because next stop is the candy. All old-fashioned labels. One makes you think of the 20's...

The other the 50's...

The other, the 70's...

Personally, I prefer the candy smokes:

And just look up. You'll find vintage tidbits just above eye level:

That there in that cut out is the owner John Nese. He'll answer any question you have. Super helpful.
I love all that stuff. It's fun, it's cool, I love labels. But what I come for, what I really want, is the soda.

You might be able to find some of the selection somewhere else, but not all of it. No way no how. They only feature smaller labels. No big mass soda hauls here. I LOVE THAT. I also love that it's a family owned and operated business which all the people in this hood know about. Especially the ones who grew up here. They'd come to Galco's all the time after games and such for good sammies. In fact for the longest time Galco's was primarily a grocery/deli type place. (And by the way, they still make fresh sandwiches which are supposed to be good. I simply haven't tried any yet). But about 17 years ago or so, the owner, John Nese, had an urge to sell soda, but only from little labels you may never have heard of or ones you weren't sure were still in business.

Making John the most rad punk rock soda salesman in the country.

By the way, they have beer, too. Tons of it. And cool stuff which I imagine is not in every shop:

You can also get your sake on at Galco's...

As for me, I'm a Ginger Beer gal myself.

It's spicy, it's intense, and if you breathe in the fizzies, your eyes might water up. IT'S FANTASTIC.

So into this label.
Galco's Soda Pop Stop is located at 5702 York Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90042. The store's open from 9 to 6:30 Mon thru Saturday and 9 to 4 on Sundays. Parking is not a problem at all. They have their own lot. There's plenty of street parking as well.



  1. I love that Jamaica's Ginger Beer, too! I actually tried making spicy ginger ale myself the other night, but it was a bust...bu I'm going to keep trying.

  2. Jamaica's Finest is my favorite. Galco's is my favorite. Fine blogging here!

    1. Thank you much! Galco's is AWESOME.

      I hope you visit the blog often. :)

  3. Cheerwine has always brought a smile to my face. As does Galco's. And this blog.