Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Thievery Corporation - Indra

Photography by Paul Gibert
Just had one of those LA experiences tonight. I'm stuck in traffic. It's a parking lot. I have no idea why this is happening. I just wait and wait. It's a little frustrating. I'm hungry, this is annoying, why now? Why here? I need to eat!!!!!!

Another thought overrides: someone might be hurt. I know. What a downer. But it's true. So I do a little prayer, leave a message or two for a friend (with my blue tooth - come on!), listen to the radio and try not to obsess over the fact there are just too many people who live here. That's my theory about accidents. It's bound to happen. It's not just careless driving and text messages - of course there's a lot of that - but there's a reason they call them "accidents." And when you have this many people all cramming themselves into this freeway or that, they're bound to bump into one another.

Every. Single. Night.

I get closer and closer to the accident. It doesn't look terribly serious, thank God. I move past and suddenly it's now all behind me. All the cars. The people ducking into this lane and that, trying to buy back 1 minute here, 2 minutes there. And here I am now. Free. No cars in front of me. Those behind me, getting smaller and smaller. Hardly anyone is to my right or my left. I'm blissing out on the open road.

I accelerate. Not really to make up for lost time. But because I can. It feels good. The night is beautiful and downtown is up ahead. Even from far away it looks tall and Diehard-ish and like its doing its job. Then this song comes on:

I'm not even sure I've heard it before. But it's sound is familiar. It reminds me of the soundtrack to so many evenings in LA, being on the 10, opening my windows, staring at the lights that make up the night - green, red, blue. I love it. As I move along, I think of people who are so cool, chatting, by some pool up in the hills, maybe overlooking the valley. Or skateboards at night in Highland Park. I don't know. My mind wanders.

And then I'm home.

Maybe I just listen to the same dj (Garth Trinidad) when I'm in my car at night! I don't know. But Thievery Corporation, Indra, regardless of the fact I'm supposed to be thinking about India, feels like night in my car in LA.

So I want to add it to my list.

Photography by Paul Gibert
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Thievery Corporation is playing with Massive Attack at The Greek Theater September 20th. Click here for Tickets and Information.


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