Saturday, April 18, 2015

Oh My God I Have a Blog & Paris Photo LA is Coming Up! Get Your Tix!

Bourdin Guy's on exhibit at Paris Photo LA, 2015 (from Foam in Amsterdam)
I seriously know know know this is such a good place for me to have an outlet. I always forget it's here. Yes, like I said in my last post, I've been writing. This blog is supposed to be about my recommendations about cool stuff in LA but because I've been consumed with another creative endeavor, I've not had a chance to do that. I miss it! I wish there were more hours in the day.

But what I am planning on doing I'm extremely excited about. I have this goal to shoot what I've been writing in May, on my own dime, so you know, it will literally be a dime. So terrified. So happy people want to work on it with me. So hopeful about it. And yet I'm not one of the young kids who are like "No big deal! I shoot shit in my sleep." Not me. Still it's so much fun and I happen to really love the characters and the world. Maybe I'll even post the outcome here. I don't know. Who knows what the future holds?
Paris Photo, LA
That being said, I'm distracted, big time. It's always a good sign when the house is messy. Means I'm in the zone (or mentally ill). And listen, there's other big stuff too, but the web series is one of the bigger projects that's taken me out of this hobby - this blog - my sweet Opine LA!
Thomas Joshua Cooper, Snake River from the Ingleby Gallery will be on exhibit
And the anniversary of it's birth is coming up. My first post was about my adventure hitting Paris Photo LA with my good friends, Max & Nicole.
Paris Photo LA, me, Max & Nic
I'm so sad I'll miss being there with them this year (and I believe my cutie pants friend Heather is going as well). Oh Paris Photo LA! It is so spectacular. So much fun. SO WORTH IT.

Paris Photo will be in May. May 1-3 on The Paramount Lot to be specific. They'll be hosting 80 leading galleries and be showcasing art from 17 countries. It is so cool to be on the lot, seeing art in the stages and backlot. And they always have food trucks (though if you're in a crunch starving and need something before or after, get a veggie burger with zucchini fries at Astro Burger on the corner of Gower and Melrose. Oh, and ask for extra dipping sauce for the zucchini fries. You won't regret it).

If I wasn't going to Portland to see the maternal side of the fam, trust me, nothing would keep me away. Oh how I will miss it!



Paris Photo's Link for Tix & Info:
Astro Burger is at 5601 Melrose Avenue in Hollywood. Here's the link:

Paris Photo at Paramount April 27, 2013 - the first pic on my blog.

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