Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Happy Cinco de Mayo and Happy Fresh Tamales Going Like Hotcakes at Grassroots!

My favorite health food store, the kind that's straight out of the 70's, is in South Pasadena. Grassroots is in a little mini-mall at Fair Oaks & Oxley. And every Cinco de Mayo, for two days, May 5th & 6th, they celebrate by serving up fresh, home-made, unbelievably delicious Tamales.
Fresh Green Chile & Cheese Tamales. $4.75 a piece
Apparently the kitchen worked tirelessly to make these amazing, authentic treats. I mean for days. They have Machaca, Chicken, Green Chili and Cheese (my favorite), Pork, and Jackfruit. Jackfruit by the way is delicious and an amazing source of protein. It's like you know when everyone told you to eat kale and would tell you it's worth it but you sort of had to admit you didn't like kale that much? Well, jackfruit is delish. No rationalizing.
They also serve an outstanding, homemade, rojo or verde sauce to go with them:
I'm so excited. Got like half a dozen. Freezing a few and eating some for dinner. Home in bed nursing a cold but this? This all feels healthy.
Labeled everything. They're very nice.
So remember this is just for today and tomorrow that they have these kick-ass tamales. The kitchen opens at 9am and though the market is open until 7, the kitchen closes at 4pm.
And by the way, you may want to come here anyway. They have everything: vitamins, neti pots (which when I went to go buy one asked them if they had a "honey pot." That was embarrassing), and these OUTSTANDING brownies that are like gluten-free and the whole deal and will knock your socks off. In other words, maybe every day you eat gluten, fucking love the stuff, cannot get enough. That's fine. You'd love these, too. They're cakey, moist, flavorful. Trust me, I'm a snob. Hey, that's a great name for my latest autobiography. Where's my assistant? Assistant? Take note!
The Big Yummy is a Big Yes.
It's almost amusing how good they are. And just in case you go when it's not May 5th or 6th, I have to recommend their Bowls. They have The Fiesta Bowl, $8.95, Vegan Chicken, $10.50, The Cuban Bowl which I love because Plantains are my favorite thing ever, $8.95 and plenty more. The one I always get is The Chili Bowl. Never took a picture of it but man, so good. Vegan Chili (made with Tempeh) or Beef Chili (all their beef, chicken, turkey & pork are raised naturally without hormones or antibiotics), rice (brown or Spanish though yesterday they had Spanish Quinoa which was fabulosity), cheddar or soy cheese, avo, scallions or red onions. Top it with some sour cream and DUDE, you're a happy peace-loving camper. $10.50 for the bowl. Oh, and you can get it on freshly made corn bread. How nice is that?

Speaking of Corn...

I implore you, if you care about food at all:
Beef Machaca Tamales at Grassroots Natural Market & Kitchen
Grassroots Natural Market & Kitchen is at 1119 Fair Oaks Ave., Pasadena, CA 91030. Hours are Monday thru Friday, 9am to 7pm, Saturday, 9am-6pm, and Sunday 10am to 5pm. But remember the kitchen closes at 4pm and on Sundays, only the juice bar is open. Parking available for free. Tamales are made special for today and tomorrow. $4.75 a piece. You can call ahead if you want to save time. 626.799.0156.

Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

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