Sunday, July 7, 2013

Stumbling Upon a Classic Car Show. How LA.

I'm just going to show the pictures. This was so bizarre. We were driving from Ralph's, the only place in SoCal by the way that ALWAYS seems to have Egg Matzo. Who knew. And we were on Green Street, just cruising by the Ambassador Mansions & Gardens. Now this is a special place because it's where we got married...

No, I did not wear this to Ralph's. We're talking about 2 different days here.
...and we just sort of stumbled upon a classic car show. It was like a flash flood. We got there at 2 something and it was over by 3. Of course I like to tell you about things ahead of time so you can go and enjoy. This was just impossible for that goal. Nevertheless, I thought I'd share the photos. Cars are so freakin cool!
Photo by Terrence Dunlop

This car was called Peachy
These cars were called I Wish They Were Mine

I had a lot of favorites but this is the one I wanted to drive. First.
I'm looking up the Eagle Rock Trompers as we speak.

I had a friend who drove one of these old Broncos. Not a smooth ride, but fun!

I like a person who puts a dog in the back seat with the windows open.

There's something weird and cool about this. Is this a thing?
I loved this picture TD took. I think we should frame it!
That's all I got for you today. Oh, Eagle Rock Trompers or The Trompers of Eagle Rock. It's a car club started in 1945. Well, there you go! Have a great Sunday evening and ENJOY!

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