Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Directions to The Hollywood Sign - The Fast Version

Check out my longer post from July 1st for a detailed version of Hollywood Sign directions including hidden gems along the way, to and fro. That being said, these are the fast and dirty directions to The Hollywood Sign if you don't like all those pictures and words:

•Go NORTH on BEACHWOOD CANYON DRIVE. You'll drive up several blocks, passing Scenic, Graciosa, Cheremoya.

•When you get to Beachwood Village, in order TO FOLLOW ALONG BEACHWOOD take a SOFT LEFT.

•At LEDGEWOOD, go LEFT. Follow Ledgewood up.

•At Rodgerton you can go in a few directions but you want to STAY ON LEDGEWOOD. THEREFORE, TAKE A SOFT LEFT. At the top of the hill YOU WILL BE ON MULHOLLAND DRIVE.

•If you TAKE A SHARP RIGHT and drive up the road, you will ARRIVE AT A TURNAROUND that will give you good photo opportunities for THE HOLLYWOOD SIGN. It's not legal to park here so do this at your own risk. When finished turn around and get back onto Mulholland.

•To get to the vista, CONTINUE GOING FORWARD ON MULHOLLAND DRIVE. Follow it until you ARRIVE AT CANYON. Behind you is THE HOLLYWOOD SIGN. ACROSS the street is a VISTA from which you can take photos of the reservoir, Hollywood and Hollywood Signage, surrounding areas and on a clear day, you can even see all the way out to Catalina.


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