Sunday, July 14, 2013

Appreciating Life Today: Laura Mvula - Green Garden

I post once in awhile about music that's good for the car; something empowering, fun, contemplative and/or sweet to listen to while you're driving around LA (or wherever you may be). This song is good for the soul. It's good for healing. It's beautiful, life-affirming, joyous, resplendent. It steps out of the confines of what we think is reality into the beauty of the world, imagination and humanity which despite this news, still is very much alive and exists. That's why this horrific verdict is a travesty of justice. Travesty means a false, distorted or absurd representation of something. It's an outright mockery of what is right, just and good. I'd like to believe this decision is an aberration. I'm not sure I'm so right about that one but oh my God I hope so. No matter, I do believe there are many on the right side of this argument. Many. We just weren't in that jury box. We don't live in that community. We aren't in that state. But we know what's right. And man, I just encountered someone -- online of course -- who I am beyond shocked by. And he's a father which is even more shocking. Fighting with this man, this war of words, totally futile. And it's pointless. It's not who I am nor how I wish to spend my time. It's not worth my time. Some people are just goners.

You have to fight very hard to step away from the ridiculous dialogue and ridiculous people to appreciate the moment you are in, being alive and all that is good and beautiful. There is something powerful about doing that. And being alive is good and beautiful. And how we behave towards one another can reflect that. One very wrong verdict, which may be telling and deserves great attention, is not the whole picture. Many of us do not feel such ugliness towards others and how we conduct ourselves today and every day can make a difference.

My heart goes out to a loving family that has lost someone unfairly and has not seen justice in the courts. But they must know they are very supported by many of us in the world. How you and I treat each other, wherever we are, wherever we go, is surely a sign this is true.

I go wherever you go... 

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