Saturday, December 20, 2014

Merry Christmas and Tamale Alert

Some of THE BEST TAMALES I HAVE EVER EATEN are being sold for the holiday season at Grassroots  on Oxley & Fair Oaks in South Pas. The last day to order your Tamales for Christmas is Monday and maybe that's not your tradition but I urge you to start.

Dense but not heavy tasting, authentic, seasoned perfectly, simple and fresh and filled with certified organic white corn, non-GMO masa, no lard, no hormones, no anti-biotics - the flavor, the quality, the homemade-ness of these are OUTSTANDING.

And I think they're making thousands. I'm serious. Varieties include Green Chile & Cheese (that's what I had. That's two of what I had), Beef Machaca, Savory Organic Jack Fruit - which is loaded with zinc so it's like a healthy tamale, Chicken, Shredded Pork-- I know,  you wouldn't think they'd have pork, but they're letting down their hippie locks for Christmas - in other words, they've got all the hits. Oh, and though I found them moist, steamy and delicious they do offer traditional red sauce and green chile verde sauce. Also homemade and also perfectly traditional and super enhancing to the tamale.

You can order in bulk if you want some for a party but again, last day to order is Monday for pick up the 23rd and 24th. I'm planning on bringing some on the plane - the woman there told me they travel well. And you can order them now, freeze them and have them any time. There's an idea.

I promise more pictures in the future but today I simply wolfed down lunch without blinking or thinking that I would want to post about it. I was famished and man, these hit the spot! And normally I wouldn't impulsively write but because time is of the essence, I wanted you to know what was up.


Grassroots Natural Market and Bar is located at 1119 Fair Oaks Boulevard. T: 626.799.0156. On Instagram +GrassrootsNMK

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