Saturday, October 4, 2014

Hello from the Writer's Chair

Dear Opine Reader,

I'm sorry I've not posted in so long! It's all because of a good thing: I'm working on a special script; something I really love. Always a scary place for a writer to be because it's like the boyfriend who is perfect for you and yes, you're sure he's completely flawed but you don't really know how and you certainly don't want to know how just yet because it's been so long since you've been so in love. Yes he could have bad breath and a barely functional car and yet, every little thing about him is delicious, funny, smart, nice -- every little thing is magic. You think of him constantly. You can't wait to see him again. And yet you still haven't introduced him to your friends. Why? You just want a little bit longer for the perfection to live on. The love feelings. The pink cloud. 

I'm never going to break up with this script, but I have a feeling the honeymoon phase is nearing an end. My script has recently met my friends, they have pointed out his flaws, and now because my script is not a person, it's time to change my script so he's as perfect as he can be. Yes, I can change him.

And I do live in Hollywood, someone has to pay for the dog food, and my script must eventually, perfect or not, roam free and find his fans. I can't clutch onto him forever, right? 

It takes a buttload of security to let your script out into the wild like that. Something about my script tells me, I'll be fine no matter what.

And when that day happens, and it will be soon, I'll be back to the blog; my palette cleanser. The blog allows me to write, be myself, without pay, expectation or the need for approbation. Thus far I've received little to no harsh criticism and while I've never said don't disagree with me or point out an error, it's been kind of nice to write in such an easy, breezy atmosphere. I thought maybe no one's reading it - that's why no criticism. But in fact, close to 22,000 people have visited the blog to date and really, that's very cool. It makes me feel so connected and heard by a large world in a very kind way.

But most of all I love my blog because really, it's just a forum to share all that I love about LA and encourages me to go out into the world when I don't have a script I'm in love with. When that's the case, I'm seriously inclined not to leave the house, I fall into a depression, any cheese laying around has a very short shelf life. It's my understanding that at these times it could be a temptation for my loved ones to call the authorities. There are no selfies taken.

So! I promise to get back to this. Many posts are in the hopper:  I went to the Art Walk with my dear friend, Max, in Highland Park, The Rose Bowl Flea Market with Max and Terry - a great time albeit ridiculously hot, and I have a special date planned with a certain little Italian Cannoli named Alice (read her blog, it's da'bomb) for my next food piece focusing on Guisados. Oh, and Elsa's Bakery in Highland Park is coming up as well. Oh my God, it is AMAZING. One of my favorite places in the world. As is Mush in Silverlake - a great store and one I can't wait to photograph.

As for now, I want to write more but I have to get back to this script stuff because I miss him, he me, and I really need to focus on that relationship. 

But like I said, there will be a bursting forth of posts. I do still exist here. And for all of you who keep coming back to look at my other posts, THANK YOU! Especially the visitors from around the world who have gone to the  piece(s) about how to find The Hollywood Sign. It makes me so happy to think I may have helped people find what they were looking for. To date, those two How To Find The Hollywood Sign Posts are by far my most popular. Please feel free to share the word that these are the best directions (at least I think they are) to The Hollywood Sign ever.

Oops, that might encourage some criticism. Oh well!


The Writer in The Chair

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