Monday, January 19, 2015

Martin Luther King speaks on KPFK - It will move you to listen just a little while.

Anyone who's interested today, KPFK  (90.7FM) is playing Martin Luther Speeches all day.
Here's the schedule:

Detailed schedule of KPFK’s programming on Monday the 19th
6am       Democracy Now featuring excerpts of newly discovered  1964 speech by Dr. King
7am       Connect the Dots (with a commentary on Dr. King’s legacy)
8am       Democracy Now special featuring the King’s 1967 speech at Riverside Church in New York City at which he came
out against the Vietnam  War
9am       Democracy Now featuring excerpts of newly discovered  1964 speech by Dr. King
10am     Letters and Politics on the life and legacy of Dr. King
11am     Speeches by Dr. King – Hour One:
                                On the Power of Peaceful Persuasion – June 24, 1957
                                The Future of Integration – June 1961 (at Ford Hall in NYC)
Noon     Speeches by Dr. King – Hour Two
                                We Want to be Free Speech – May 26, 1963 (in Los Angeles at Wrigley Field)
                                Discussions of a Complete Life – January 1962
1pm       Speeches by Dr. King – Hour Three
                                America Chief Moral Dilemma – May 17, 1967 (in Berkeley at Sproul Hall)
2pm       Speeches by Dr. King – Hour Four
                                But If Not – November 1967 (in Atlanta)
                                Men and Women in the Arts Concerned with Vietnam – March 16, 1968 (in LA)
3pm       Speeches by Dr. King – Hour Five
                                Dimensions of a Complete Life – January 1962 (at Yale)
                                Domestic Urgencies vs. Military Costs – February 25, 1967 (in LA)
                                The Civil Rights Movement and its Goals for the Future - April 14, 1967 (at Stanford)
                                Memorium in Central Park the Day After MLK was Assassinated
4pm       From the Vault Documentary on the “I Have A Dream” Speech
5pm       From the Vault Documentary that includes the entire 1964 speech from London, England that was recently
discovered by the Pacifica Radio Archives

Currently they're playing a speech he did in the Hollywood Hills at a private home. He was introduced by James Baldwin. Incredible. Made my heart beat faster. It's amazing how far we've come and how sad it is we still have racism, anger, violence towards innocents... Incredible how prescient, moving and important it is to hear The Great Doctor.

And this speech in particular was taped by KPFK and preserved back in 1968.


"If the Haves are willing to join hands with the hands with the Have Nots, it wouldn't take much." - Martin Luther King


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