Friday, August 1, 2014

Two Things Worth Doing This Weekend: The Motherf*&ker With The Hat and The Norton Simon Museum

Man, you get invited to see theater all the time in LA. ALL THE TIME. But it's not often you see GOOD theater. That all changed for me last night. I had THE BEST TIME! I went to The Lost Studio on La Brea where I saw "The Motherfucker With The Hat." 
Trust me and see this play. Pictured: Shaun Duke, Alex Desert and Chris Amitrano
I went because my buddy, Alex Desert, was in it but had no idea how amazing it is! I know how amazing Alex is but the play - the other actors - everyone involved... fun, funny, smart, moving, suspenseful, deep.  
Star Christopher Amitrano and also one of the play's producers
The Motherfucker With The Hat originally premiered on Broadway in 2011 with Bobby Carnavale and Chris Rock. Written by Stephen Adly Guirgis, it was nominated for 6 Tonys, including Best Play. The LA version has an incredible cast of people that might not have the same name recognition of Bobby Carnavale and Chris Rock but they should: Chris Amitrano, Melissa Pino, Shaun Duke, Keili Lefkowitz and my bud, Alex Desert as Cousin Julio. 

The play's running through August 10th and if you go through Brown Paper Tickets, it's 20 bucks. 25 at the door. Click HERE for deets.

But before I went to the play, I was doing a full out cultural day and spent a few hours at The Norton Simon Museum. It is BREATHTAKING. 
A true treasure. Located in Pasadena just off the 134, it's outrageously easy to get to, the parking is FREE, and tonight, from 5-8 pm it is FREE to the public. They do that the first Friday of the month. Currently on display they have a huge Himalayan Buddhist Art exhibit amongst a vast array of Southeastern Asian art which is incredibly  moving:

Downstairs at The Norton Simon Museum

...but always there is a tremendous collection. Rodin's...
Rodin's The Walking Man in front of the museum
Picasso's, Rembrandt's, Degas'...


Van Gogh's....
Van Gogh's Mom
The sculpture garden is magical to stroll through. 
Frankly I think of it as one of those places you could get lost, spend hours, daydream... 
Sculpture by Henry Moore in The Sculpture Garden at The Norton Simon
Sculpture by A. Maillol in The Sculpture Garden at The Norton Simon

What a tasteful, well-curated museum with immensely beautiful, invaluable and spiritual pieces inside and out. Such a worth-it trip. 

(p.s. for those of you who read this original post when I didn't have to many pictures, I told you I'd go back!)

The Norton Simon Museum is at 411 West Colorado Blvd., Pasadena, CA 91105. Main number is 626-449-6840. Parking won't cost you a dime. Unless we just got lucky and then I'm sorry!

The Motherfucker With The Hat is now playing at The Lost Studio on La Brea between 1st & 2nd. There might be a man with bongos out front. For tickets, try Brown Paper Tickets. You'll save 5 bucks rather than buying tickets at the door. The play is running until August 10th. Street Parking available. As always, read the signs, feed your meter.

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